How Do You Attract
The Woman Of Your Dreams?

snippet ladyHusbands and Boy Friends,
Could Your Relationship 
Be Saved?

Learn the Secrets To A Happy Life With Your Woman 

How You Can Change 
Rocky Part of Your Love Life
Starting Now...


Hi Friend, 

Are you experiencing problems in your relationship with the woman in your life? Where no matter what you say or do, it’s never right!!!

Let's face it, women are different than men (Vive le 'difference!).  YOUR loving woman or wife wants and deserves SPECIAL ATTENTION maybe more than you're giving her.

You’re not alone …

Many men like you are eager to build a satisfying and fulfilling relationship, or connecting with women more successfully, but simply don't know how or can’t get it right...

You know the feeling… when put your “foot in your mouth”, you said something or did something that really annoyed your woman, and she let you know... or you're so busy you don't have time to give her the quality of attention she deserves... again she let's you know!

You are at a point you don’t know what to do…you feel you're not good even avoid communication in fear that you will get into yet another argument!  Watch out... of all the marriages that end in divorce, the number one reason given by divorcing women -- "he just didn't pay enough attention to me anymore."

Unfortunately, if these conflicts continue, many men will fail at relationships and end up breaking up… or divorcing!  

Do any of these sound familiar? 

#1 – You're lost for words and cannot connect with women

It is tough out there!  Some women intially respond, then change their minds, other plain ignoring you!

#2 - You’ve found what you believe is a wonderful relationship or marriage, to then watch it implode over arguments or disagreements.

You thought you had found your soulmate so you get serious.   You’re filled with all the dreams and aspirations of a thriving couple.  Despite the best intentions, you just can’t make it work.  A few months or years go by, and you realize what you had was not on solid ground… the relationship crumbles.

#2 -  You argue constantly, never finding peace.

You feel as if you can’t do right by her.  You feel she’s constantly nagging you, never giving you peace.  You feel like you’re “walking on eggshells” all the time.   You even seek counseling with little or no success.  You feel trapped.

#3 - You thought you “had it together”, only to find out she has left you… for another man.

You felt you were taking care of all her needs.  Then almost out of nowhere, you discover she has hooked up with someone else!  You clearly missed the signals either in the beginning, middle or near the end of the relationship, but you have no idea which ones …

Let’s face it, this is real life … the pain is real…

… you resent being compared to others whom your woman believes treat their women better than you do.

… you’re annoyed you can’t “get it right”

… you dread every conversation with your woman for fear that you’ll mess up again!

… you begin to question your ability to keep her happy

… you miss her dearly, but it might be too late… or is it?  

How do you solve these problems or better yet, AVOID THEM before they occur?  

For you, my friend, I got a SOLUTION!  I can help you make the most of your relationship...

First of all, Who Am I and How Do I Know?


My name is Linda B. James.  I’m what you may call a “Lifestyle Strategist” and the author of over a dozen self-help books.

My mission is to provide you and your special lady the tips, the tools and the latest techniques to find fulfillment in many key areas of life, especially relationships. 

Personally, I speak from experience, having been married for over 25 years. 

Professionally, for the past two decades I've interviewed the foremost experts on relationships, coached many women and conducted workshops on a variety of motivational topics.  

Why are love relationships among the most, most important areas in your life?

Simply because a great love relationship (physical, emotional or otherwise) is one of the most joyful experiences for a human being.  It provides physical connection, renewing energy, heightened trust and comforting support. Plus, a wonderful love relationship can give you peace of mind, a sense of connection to a soulmate, and greater confidence in life... 

Who doesn’t want that? How do you go about saving your relationship?

You need to ask yourself, is your relationship worth the trouble?  However, a great relationship comes at a price… you need to understand and put to
practice the simple but powerful techniques I will teach you… you must learn how to WOO, WOW AND WIN OVER your woman.  You need to retain her affection… or else you'll lose her and miss out on the joy love and companionship can give you

If the answer is YES, she’s truly the one for you and the relationship is worth fighting for…

If the answer is NO, these techniques can still help you… you can also discover how to find, attract, keep and WOW your FUTURE partner…

I have designed a program for you that will help you get there either way so read on… 

Below are three simple tools to WOO, WOW and WIN OVER your WOMAN



WOO your woman -  Dating Deal killers ebook

- Funny but true facts about dating 
- Discover the secrets to eliminate nightmare dating stories

- Master what to say and what not to say on dates
- Learn the important questions to ask to guarantee a second date





Wow your Woman - How To Wow A Woman ebook

- Secrets to keeping your woman ecstatic about you!
- Unravel the mystery to make your lady fall in love with you
- Improve your chances of annihalating your rivals.
- Find the keys to becoming the only man your woman desires
- Learn how to "make her happy" and “sweep her off her feet” everytime!


YWL -eBook-cropped-801652-edited.png

Win Over your WomanWhy Women Leave

Critical reasons why women fall out of love
- Avoid the traps that create the devastation and pain caused by physical or emotional separation
- Improve your ability to see potential pitfalls
- Fear a break-up no more  - develop the skills to gain and maintain her loyalty
- Learn to be more resilient “get back on the saddle” and learn from your mistakes.

Depending on what's happening in your relationship, you can choose one, two, or all of the following e-books.  Each selection is especially written for you...

What does all this mean for you?

You can count on getting the right advice at the right time, when you needed it the most.  You also get the benefit of decades of relationship experience, carefully selected for you…”

BONUS-6h.pngWhen you order these life-changing e-books today, you will receive a BONUS GIFT!
brief and insightful nuggets of wisdom called “Snippets.” 

What are “radio snippets”?

Relationship snippets are segments of some of the hundreds of radio interviews I’ve conducted over the past two decades.  These snippets offer you timeless advice from noted relationship experts and are unique from anything you’ve experienced…

…they are brief (3 minutes or less)
…they are packed with the right advice, that would give an advantage

I’ve called these Lovers' Simple Audio Treasures®.  They were selected personally by me, with you in mind.  

Click this link for an example:

Here's what you will discover:

  • What do women REALLY want from a man?
  • How to handle arguments and win every time!
  • How 20 minutes a day can keep the divorce lawyear away.
  • The warning sings in your relationship and how to read them.

Like the best wines, great care has been taken to select the best materials for your listening pleasure and discovery.

What makes these snippets so special?

I’ve done three things for you:

  1. I reviewed and selected the best relationship clips from among dozens of expert interviews;
  2. I then added my two decades of coaching experience.
  3. I then invested hundreds of hours preparing, conducting and then editing this material.


Your time is extremely valuable! This bonus material is a unique way to discover RAPIDLY what you need to know.  All the work has been done for you... all you need to do is sit back, listen, learn and change your Love Life!

You are busy.  Pre-occupied with work.  Aggravated with that dumb-dumb you have to deal with every day at the office.  Tired.  Who has time or the energy to even think about "romance"?

As a busy parent, family member, business owner, entrepreneur or professional you are already out of time and zealously guard it…

…the demands on your time are significant by themselves.  Add relationship problems, and your life gets more complicated and can spin out of control, consuming the precious time and attention you don’t have. You feel you’re in a never-ending treadmill, getting nowhere fast! 

This treadmill will continue running and wasting your time – unless you discover ways to solve relationship problems with less effort and time!

This information can help you make the most of your time…. and your relationship

By reading the eBooks and listening the bonus material
you can feel more in control of your relationships.

So, how much is my relationship program?

The time invested alone would make this program worth a lot.  When you get right down to it, my relationship program is not:




      … OR EVEN


Your entire investment in this program is $80.00  per eBook, radio snippets included.

Dating Deal Killers by Linda B. James     How to Wow A Woman - Linda B. James    WHY WOMEN LEAVE EBOOK - Linda B. James      


BUY TWO EBOOKS AND GET A 55% DISCOUNT! (Valued at $160, now $71.99)



Relationship Package


For less than two weeks’ worth of lattes you will have the opportunity
to learn “relationship saving” techniques in a simple and time-saving way.

And that’s not all...

For a limited time buy one e-Book and receive a very special valuable bonus gift, Absolutely free! 

For each eBook you buy, you will receive an exclusive collection of 20 short “snippets” of my interviews with relationship experts.

What’s better for you? 
A love life of anguish and frustration,
or time-tested life-changing relationship advice?

Reasons you wouldn't buy …

As attractive as this offer is, my advisors tell me that roughly only 5% of the people receiving this transformational information will respond.  Although that’s ok with me from a business standpoint, it still bothers me personally….

You see, I know how much the listeners of my radio show have benefited from the Linda B. James show’s advice.  I read their letters, emails and social media notes telling me:
“Great series…”, “Good advice” “… , so true…,” ...Thank You...

I just hate the thought of someone not getting this valuable advice due to some error or omission in my explanation…

That’s why I held a special brainstorming session with my team just to try to figure out why you might say “no” to my offer.  After several hours we could think of only five possible reasons.

Here they are:

REASON #1 - “I got this… I don’t’ really need this advice”

I can understand this, why mess with it if it’s working?  But, how do you know it’s going to keep working? 

Truthfully, you really don’t know…and besides, life has changed!

You see, love is not what it used to be when your parents, grandparents or your older relatives were dating!  Love has evolved to an unimagined level… consider the following:

  • Social relationships are more complex – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media did not even exist 15 years ago. Today’s relationships are more volatile, superficial and some believe, weird. So much that you can get, “creeped” (stalked),  “iced” (dumped) or “ghosted” (ignored) and not even know it…
  • When’s the last time you called your significant other from a payphone or wrote her a handwritten letter? - I would venture to say some of you have never done this! Smartphones, texting and the internet are now the principal modes of communication between the sexes, replacing outdated methods. 
  • You can be misunderstood more easily than ever before - today’s communication takes place in nanoseconds or as fast as you can text.  Attention spans are shorter and misread signals can quickly land you in trouble.  (For example, contacting someone before the unwritten “three day rule” can get you labeled a “stalker” or an obsessive individual).
  • Women are even more independent than ever before – They are more outspoken and assertive; they have no problem letting you know what they want, and, they are less patient. You're either ready or you’re not ready to deal with these women…  you’re either “walking the talk”… or walking out the door!

REASON #2 - “How do I know this stuff works?...” 

This life-changing material is proven and time-tested. The insights found in these eBooks and Radio Snippets have been carefully selected from hundreds of pages of material, personal and coaching experiences and hours of interviews with relationship experts.

REASON #3 -  “I can’t afford it…” – 

I realize and understand some may think the cost of this program would more than expected. This offer can help you maximize your relationships for less than your monthly coffee budget… isn’t your relationship worth more? 

In addition, compare this to:

  • The cost of an unproductive year using a dating site ($600-720 per year),
  • A disastrous dinner date for two ($72) or,
  • An unfruitful counseling session with a therapist ($100-150 per hour),

If a measly investment could help transform your love life… wouldn’t this be worth a shot?

Isn’t your relationship worth it?

REASON #4  - “I’m too busy to read eBooks”

Can we talk??

I teach in my seminars that anything worth doing is worth your time!  What about a relationship, one of the most important connections in your life?  Isn’t that worth your time?  My program is designed to make the most of your time…

In addition, please consider that in most relationships the odds are already against you!

  • Depending on whose survey you believe, you have approximately 50% chance of staying married (essentially a “coin flip”)
  • If your relationship or marriage fails, you then have about a long term success rate of 0.03% in finding your mate in a dating site.
    That is 1 worthwhile partner in 3,333 tries!  (yes, it’s that low). This program can help you beat these odds with timeless and helpful advice.
  • You have better odds of finding love when introduced to a potential mate by a friend or family “matchmaker” (a 29% chance, not as bad but not spectacular…) I personally don’t like this type of matchmaking for you… even if I did, I wouldn’t want you to waste your precious time with 3½ “frogs” before finding your true love!)
  • Besides, the bonus material is designed for you, the busy individual... a 3 minute investment will help you improve your relationship.  

REASON #5 “I don’t have the patience to go through this – 

I admit; relationships are hard work… but consider the alternative!  Think of the emotional toll an unproductive and unhealthy relationship has on you… The sleepless nights and the “rollercoaster” of emotions will tax you and ultimately burn you out.  For a few minutes per day, you can help rescue, resolve and revive your relationship before it’s too late and help avoid months and years of anguish…  

This Program is NOT for everyone... 

Now… if you’re looking for a “quick fix”or tricks to manipulate women or then what I offer is not for you…If you're interested in one-night stands and believe that sex is the solution to your problems - these books are not for you.

If you’ve read this far, I know you are among the few who have chosen to take control of your love life!  

If you mostly want the opportunity to experience the confidence, connection and communication that come from healthy, vibrant relationships, you will like this offer just fine… I am privileged to bring you decades of wisdom and personal experience from coaches, experts and moi.

How can your relationship program save me time?

I’ve saved you time by doing four things for you…

  • I’ve invested hours researching these topics
  • I’ve located and interviewed relationship experts. 
  • I’ve hired coaches to provide me with proven techniques to collect, distill and write this information.
  • I’ve then invested in the best multi-media and publishing technology to conduct, screen, edit and publish these interviews.

No expense was spared to make sure you got the best material. 

If you sought ONE expert individually, you would have to:

     -  make an appointment at the convenience of the expert
     -  pay at least $120 to $250 per hour or more for a few “nuggets” of wisdom.
     -  spend precious hours of your time traveling to and from the expert’s location 

This means that ONE visit with ONE expert would cost you $120 to $250 dollars.  

To meet all experts (if you can, since two of these experts don’t offer appointments), you would have to spend a total $960 to $2,000. 

There’s more... in addition to the therapy sessions, in order to assemble a similar program:

  • … you would also have to find a way to quickly and conveniently access this material
  • … you would also have to record, review and edit the interviews in a professional recording studio for $6,600 (8 interviews, $275 per hour and 3 hrs. per interview),
  • ... you would hire a content editor ($2,500) and a proofreader ($400). You can do it yourself, but who’s got the time?

 The information in my program features expert advice from a select group of relationship experts.  Consider the costs of doing it yourself…

  1. Cost of therapy sessions with relationship experts - $960 to $2,200
  2. Hiring a producer to edit audio, looking for "nuggets of wisdom - $6,600
  3. Hiring a writer to edit and condense the wirtten content - $2,500
  4. Hiring a proofreader to check grammar and spelling - $300
GRAND TOTAL $10,460 to $11,600

After all this, you would be exhausted and would have spent quite a bit!

I am offering you over $10,000 in hard value while saving you precious time.

In addition, You can count on us to provide compelling and impactful relationship advice.
Before you spent all that money and time, why not first give my relationship program a chance?

Consider my offer vs. the alternative: 

Comparison-blonde-H2WW.png     Comparison-WWL.png     Comparison-DDK.png

Please note: I agree that relationship counseling can be extremely valuable… Meeting with a professional can often be helpful if you know what questions to ask … this program can help supplement what you learn from the therapist.

Also consider:  most medical insurance plans either don’t cover this or limit your choices by telling you which therapist you will use to fix your relationship.  What’s the sense of that?

I offer you these experts for a fraction of this cost, at your fingertips, at your convenience any day, anytime.  I’ve done all that legwork for you….

Here's what other say about the program

"Linda James's book '300 Dating Deal Killers' is the highly needed solution to the problem created by online dating. Whether you are new to dating, just getting back on the dating scene after a long hiatus or taking your online fantasy dating live, you must read this. …’300 Dating Deal Killers’ is a collection of short and realistic pointers that will save you embarrassing moments and protect your new relationship while entertaining you." --Ade Adeyemi International Speaker and Coach

"'Dating Deal Killers' is fun but truthful.  This program has helped me a lot; it had a lot of good points." -- Javier M., Northern Calif

"I was given the opportunity to review the ebook authored by Linda B. James entitled “How To Wow A Woman”. Although, I am a senior-citizen in my late seventies, I found the book interesting and informative. In fact, it caused me to reflect back to the epoch when I was dating or courting. During my younger single days I did pursue many of the guidelines that Linda addressed in the book and now I wished that I had also followed some of the others. Of course, in those days a book such as this one written by Linda was not available to me. The book is chock full of beneficial information that actually applies to both genders, male and female. I strongly recommend that it be read by all that are in a relationship."  -- William Scott

"I recommend that every man read these books.  They are like having a personal dating coach dedicated to saving your love life!!"  -- A. Taylor

"Dating Deal Killers is an eye-opening program on the do's and don'ts when dating.  This helped me to keep an open mind and use the tools you mentioned... I look forward to reading these points often."-- Maritza E., New Jersey

"Linda's book 'Why Women Leave' is a great book!! It's very informative and has helped me understand my spouse.  I wish I've had this 20 years ago... I highly recommended! -- John Miller, NYC

My Promise to You

I have been providing coaching advice for decades and I’ve worked with some of the best experts in my industry.  I bring this experience to you and here’s what I’ll do for you:

  • I will keep you focused. You and I know the many interruptions and other demands we have on our time. 
  • I will help you make the most of your time.
  • I will bring you material that will be informative, insightful and on point.

Why even bother?   

Fair question…  Experts say that only 5% of those exposed to an offer like this would take action. 

Of course, it takes a very special individual to fully appreciate the value of carefully selected and prepared material.  Even though I’ve been very selective in choosing who received this invitation, I also realize only 5 out of every 100 would respond.

This is a unique opportunity to figuratively sit right next to an expert and have them give you actionable advice.  It’s not for everyone and only a select few will apply what they learn.

What made the difference? --  Commitment  --   Which group would you rather belong, the 5% who took action and are making progress, or the whopping 95% who continue to have problems?

What excuse do you make when your significant other expresses their frustration with your way of communicating? --- and you simply don’t know what to do?  Can you afford to even appear to have no control over your relationships?  Isn’t important to do what you can to save your precious relationship?  Take action now and buy this program for only $39.99 per ebook + Bonus Radio Snippets.

To your success and happiness,



Dating Deal Killers by Linda B. James     How to Wow A Woman - Linda B. James     WHY WOMEN LEAVE EBOOK - Linda B. James